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Wes Larson on Respecting the Awesome Power of Nature



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Ryan speaks with Wes Larson about how and why he dedicated his life to working with bears, the feeling of being alive that he gets when working up close with bears in the wild, what our inherent fear and fascination with dangerous forces can teach us about our relationship to nature, how we can better live with animals rather than dominating them, and more.

Wes Larson is a wildlife biologist and television presenter who has been studying and working with polar, black and grizzly bears for over a decade. During that time, he graduated with a masters degree from BYU where he studied wildlife conservation with an emphasis on both polar and black bear human conflict mitigation. His work has been featured by National Geographic, CNN and Al Jazeera, and he has published many scientific papers and presented research findings in various wildlife meetings around the world, including at the International Bear Association meetings in Ljubljana Slovenia. Wes is also the co-host of the Tooth and Claw Podcast, and his work can be followed on Instagram at @grizkid and @toothandclaspodcast.

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