You Always Have a Move to Make

Today you might find yourself dealing with something tough. Stuck in a new situation. Hit with a situation that’s been developing for some time, but only now is bringing you pain. In tight situations like these, you need energy, creativity and above all faith in yourself. Defeatism won’t get you anywhere (except defeat). Focusing your … Continued

Don’t Compromise

The Stoics taught Cato that there were no shades of gray. There was no more-or-less good, no more-or-less bad. Whether you were a foot underwater or a fathom, you were still drowning. All virtues were one and the same virtue, all vices the same vice. It is the kind of austere scheme that seems unreasonable … Continued

When Life Drops Something In Your Lap

Life just drops stuff in our laps, doesn’t it? Exciting things, frustrating things, distractions, temptations and tragedies. It has a strange habit of dropping on us the exact thing we don’t need right now. Often all at once. What a great philosophy like Stoicism reminds us of is that this is both a reminder of … Continued

No One Can Stop You From Doing The Right Thing

“The responsibility is all yours; no one can stop you from being honest or straightforward.” — Marcus Aurelius Remember today that no matter what is happening you can respond virtuously and all of your behavior is under your control. As the philosopher and former trader Nassim Taleb put it, “The only aspect of your life that fortune … Continued

Concentrate on Every Moment

Picture Marcus Aurelius writing these words to himself in the middle of a desolate military camp. He’s the world’s most powerful man, and accordingly, was also hated, envied, targeted. He’s got incredible power but also incredible responsibility. He’s exhausted but also in his element. So what does he decide to write to himself? “Concentrate every … Continued

How To Think About Obstacles

Here is one way to think of hardship: The end. The failure. The last hurrah. The curtain call. The finish. Here is another way to think of hardship: As grist for the mill. A chance to learn about endurance, patience, resilience, struggle. An opportunity to prove your mettle. A way of learning about people or … Continued

Getting Everything You Ever Wanted

“And how trivial the things we want so passionately are.” – Marcus Aurelius There’s an old joke: When the Gods wish to punish us, they give us exactly what we’ve always wanted. Ask yourself what you’re after: Fame? Wealth? The perfect man or woman? Now imagine yourself when you get it. What comes next? The … Continued

Find An Anchor

Seneca, in his letters to Lucilius, urges him to choose a role model to provide a standard to live by. This is of course idea that is not unique to Stoicism by any means but Seneca succinctly puts why it is a necessary step in our pursuit of the good life. The person of our … Continued

The Only Permanence is Impermanence

In one of the more iconic graduation speeches in history, Steve Jobs reflected not on the massive successes of his company, or of the power of technology, or even the importance of a broad liberal arts education. No, his prime purpose in the speech was to meditate on death. Steve Jobs wasn’t a Stoic (he … Continued