How Stoicism Helped a Genius

There’s value in learning not just from Stoic philosophers, but from “natural Stoics”—people who have lived with the kind of wisdom we want to cultivate in ourselves, even if they never called themselves Stoics. That kind of model doesn’t have to be a Cato, a Seneca, a Marcus Aurelius, or some distant historical figure. We … Continued

Doesn’t Matter What They Think, Only What You Do

How much of your time is spent thinking about what that rude person said to you? Or whether so-and-so will like you. Or if your coworker will follow through on their part of the assignment? And not just time. How much anguish, angst, and anxiety has it caused you? How much sleep have you lost … Continued

Stoicism and Martial Arts: More Common Than You Think

This is a post by Jason Maine, a founder of, where he helps his readers with martial arts training. Jason’s personal experience and interest in every aspect of training brought him into a conclusion that there are close links between Stoicism and martial arts. *** Martial arts are built with their own set of … Continued

The Stoic Scholar: Interview With Professor Anthony Long

In 1964, a young PhD student in London was told that Stoicism was the most neglected field in ancient philosophy. Five decades later, that student is one of the most respected and leading philosophers at one of the most important universities in the world, still studying that very topic. His name is Professor Anthony Long … Continued

Four Productivity Principles From The Stoics You Can Use Today

This is a guest post by Monil Shah I find it fascinating how, nowadays, we intend to beat procrastination by procrastinating on finding the “Best” productivity apps. Are paragraphs of code really going to help us? Or, is the issue deeper? Shouldn’t we focus more on changing our mindset as compared to changing our apps? … Continued

Putting Philosophy Into Practice: An Interview With Gregory Sadler

Our last interview was with Corey Mohler, a philosophy popularizer who has chosen web comics as his medium to reach a larger audience. In this interview, we have Dr. Gregory Sadler who has a different route: a YouTube channel dedicated to “putting philosophy into practice” which now has close to 40,000 subscribers and 4 million … Continued

Existentialism & Stoicism: An Interview With Comic Artist Corey Mohler

Philosophy wouldn’t exactly seem like the kind of subject matter that lends itself well to comics, let alone comics will millions of readers. But that’s exactly what Corey Mohler has managed to do over at Existential Comics. Corey, a software developer, sees himself as a philosophy popularizer and has done an incredible job—you’ve probably already … Continued