Maximize Your Potential: The Stoic Life in Accordance with Nature

Open any Stoic thinker and you’ll find the instruction to live according to nature. Stoic Emperor Marcus Aurelius put it this way in Meditations: “Philosophy requires only what your nature already demands.” The founder of Stoicism, Zeno, sweepingly defined nature as “the way things work,” and wisdom as acting in accordance with natural laws. Another … Continued

The Eternal Stoic Question: Is It Up To You?   

This is a guest post by The Eudaimoniac, and it is a long meditation on the nature of control. The nature of control is one of the most important notions in Stoicism and is the reason why it is the first meditation in The Daily Stoic book. You can read that meditation here and then … Continued

How Stoicism Saved My Life: My Story Of Battling Addiction

This is a guest post by Seth Blais, an advocate, writer, and person in recovery from addiction. You can contact him through his website or follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  *** I found myself withdrawing from heroin, unemployed, divorced, and laying restlessly in a twin-size bed in the small room I shared with a stranger. … Continued

“How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?”

Many people like to start January 1 with New Year’s resolutions. Here’s something to consider: You didn’t just come up with the resolution on the morning of January 1st. You’ve known it for a while. You’ve been putting it off. You said, January 1st, that’s when I’ll finally do it. OK. Better late than never, but the ultimate resolution this year would be to do away with that kind of … Continued