What The Stoics Thought About Love

Of course the image of the Stoics is of a passionless, emotionless life. The reality was far different. Both Marcus Aurelius and Seneca write lovingly of their wives. Seneca, who lost his only child, captures the joy of parenting so beautifully in his writing that it’s clear how much he cared for his family. Cato, … Continued

Stoicism and Cynicism: Lessons, Similarities and Differences

The relationship between Stoicism and Cynicism, two of the older schools of philosophy, is a complicated one that has evolved over hundreds of years. In fact, Stoicism descends directly from Cynicism and both of which descend from Socrates. As Juvenal would say in his Satires, the Stoics “differ from the Cynics only by a tunic.” … Continued

The Stoic: 3 Principles to Help You Keep Calm in Chaos

This is a guest post by Paul Jun. He is the Content Manager for CreativeMornings and the former Community Manager for Seth Godin’s altMBA program. He is also a contributor to Adobe’s 99u. Follow him on Twitter and visit his website here. *** Observing individuals who lead a creative life, we can identify elements of expertise, … Continued

Seneca on Overcoming Grief, Facing Death, and The True Nature of Life

This is a guest post by Mustapha Itani, who writes at Situation Nine, a website bringing you interesting pieces focusing on philosophy, politics, economics, and social issues. Follow him on Twitter, and you are welcome to support him on Patreon.  *** The Consolatio is a broad literary genre encompassing various forms of consolatory speeches, essays, poems, and personal letters … Continued

Here’s How To Have Your Best Week Ever: 7 Practices From The Stoics

For more than 2,000 years, wise men and women have relied on an ancient philosophy known as Stoicism to guide them through their days. It’s been a tool for the ordinary and the elite alike — from slaves to emperors — as they sought wisdom, strength, and the “good life.” Today, Stoicism is popular with football coaches the Seattle … Continued

16 Gift Ideas For The Stoics In Your Life

Stoicism is supposed to be a living, breathing thing. Not just words you look at on a page once, but something you carry with you—something you use to live. So that, as Seneca put it, the “words become works.” And he also urged us to take the words he and the other Stoics had written … Continued

8 Stoic Secrets to Help You Build Mental Toughness

This is a guest post by Alex J. Hughes who is a writer and software product manager based in Nashville, TN. Join his reading list for 5+ monthly book recommendations–with notes so you can start to dig in–and his latest articles.  What distinguishes the greats is the will to keep going when others start dropping off and to … Continued