The Stoic Scholar: Interview With Professor Anthony Long

In 1964, a young PhD student in London was told that Stoicism was the most neglected field in ancient philosophy. Five decades later, that student is one of the most respected and leading philosophers at one of the most important universities in the world, still studying that very topic. His name is Professor Anthony Long … Continued

Putting Philosophy Into Practice: An Interview With Gregory Sadler

Our last interview was with Corey Mohler, a philosophy popularizer who has chosen web comics as his medium to reach a larger audience. In this interview, we have Dr. Gregory Sadler who has a different route: a YouTube channel dedicated to “putting philosophy into practice” which now has close to 40,000 subscribers and 4 million … Continued

The School of Life: An Interview With Alain de Botton

The philosopher and author Alain de Botton has dedicated his life to seeking answers—for himself and others—to one of life’s chief questions: How do we live a good life? His prolific body of work has helped bring accessible philosophy to millions of people through bestselling books like The Consolations of Philosophy, How Proust Can Change … Continued

Barking Up The Wrong Tree: An Interview With Eric Barker

You might not be familiar with the name Eric Barker, but you’ve definitely seen Eric’s writing. His incredibly viral pieces—on how to think, on how manage fear, on how to love—have been read millions of times and featured by some of the biggest news sites in the world. You probably didn’t know that his blog … Continued

How to Be a Stoic: An Interview With Massimo Pigliucci

We first interviewed Professor Massimo Pigliucci back in 2015 after his popular piece in New York Times on Stoicism became one of the most shared and viewed articles on the site. And today, with the release of his new book on stoic philosophy we decided to again reach out and ask him about all the … Continued