Stoicism and the Statehouse: Pat McGeehan, the Man Bringing Cato and Marcus Aurelius Back to Politics

From its beginning Stoicism and politics were inseparable. After all, three of the most prominent Stoics—Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and Cato—operated in political life at its highest levels. Marcus Aurelius was emperor, Seneca advised Nero, and Cato was the senator who after nearly twenty years of courageous political leadership, and civil war, made the ultimate sacrifice … Continued

Renowned Illusionist Derren Brown on Stoicism and Why More or Less Everything is Absolutely Fine

Derren Brown is Britain’s most celebrated illusionist and magician who has gained worldwide fame for his seemingly psychic abilities and has been dubbed a “real-life Jedi master.” Derren has stunned audiences with mind-blowing performances (such as his Russian Roulette stunt on live TV, which has nearly 3 million views on YouTube) and has been called … Continued

The Stoic Scholar: Interview With Professor Anthony Long

In 1964, a young PhD student in London was told that Stoicism was the most neglected field in ancient philosophy. Five decades later, that student is one of the most respected and leading philosophers at one of the most important universities in the world, still studying that very topic. His name is Professor Anthony Long … Continued

Putting Philosophy Into Practice: An Interview With Gregory Sadler

Our last interview was with Corey Mohler, a philosophy popularizer who has chosen web comics as his medium to reach a larger audience. In this interview, we have Dr. Gregory Sadler who has a different route: a YouTube channel dedicated to “putting philosophy into practice” which now has close to 40,000 subscribers and 4 million … Continued