Month: April 2018

Do You Know What Envy Is?

The writer Walker Percy, one of the so-called Southern Stoics, would ask and answer that question. “Jealousy,” he said, “is an alteration in the very shape of time itself. Time loses its structure. Time stretches out.” Because we become so consumed, we lose the ability to think of anything else. Our chest tightens and every other track …

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Embracing Our Animal Side

Anyone who has ever experienced the heart-wrenching scene of a dog or a cow separated from their young knows that animals have feelings. Witnessing those painful cries and bellows is enough to make some folks vegetarians. Yet anyone who has stuck around a bit longer—or revisited a cow pasture a few days after the calves …

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A Philosopher Makes Tough Decisions (and Tries to Do What’s Right)

A few passages from the recent New York Times piece which looks at the internal and ethical struggles of Stoic philosophers through history…up until today. “In the ancient world, as is true today, navigating political chaos was a pressing dilemma. Philosophers were forced to decide whether to participate in, resist or simply endure the political rulers of their time. …

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