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Steven Rinella On Rockhounding, Stoic Wisdom & Controlling The Process



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Ryan talks to Steven Rinella about the sense of wonder, respect & adventure for nature, spending time with family, rockhounding and his new book published back in june catch a crayfish, count the stars: fun projects, skills, and adventures for outdoor kids .

Steve Rinella, from his books to his groundbreaking show MeatEater, has made hunting and nose-to-tail wild game gourmet cooking popular from New York City to Hollywood. Thanks in large part to Steve’s humor and extensive historical and anatomical knowledge, MeatEater is one of the top “reality” shows not just in outdoor media, but arguably across all media combined. As a writer, TV host, and now podcaster Steve and the MeatEater crew are as trail blazing as they come. We carry one of Steve’s books, American Buffalo, here at the Painted Porch Bookshop. His most recent book, Outdoor Kids in an Inside World, offers practical advice for getting kids radically engaged with nature in a muddy, thrilling, hands-on way, with the ultimate goal of helping them see their own place within the natural ecosystem.

CATCH A CRAYFISH, COUNT THE STARS: FUN PROJECTS, SKILLS, AND ADVENTURES FOR OUTDOOR KIDS It’s a hands-on, gloves-off, activity book for young adventurers ages eight and up, offering fun projects and adventures to build lifelong skills and knowledge about the natural world.


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