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Sid Stockdale On The Stoic Legacy Of His Father, Admiral James Stockdale



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Ryan speaks with Sid Stockdale about his who his new memoir A World Apart: Growing Up Stockdale During Vietnam speaks to, how his family survived his father’s seven-year imprisonment, the valuable lessons that his father taught him about Stoicism upon his return home, the untold story of his mother’s strength, and more.

Sid Stockdale is a speaker, author, teacher, and the second of four sons of the late Navy Admiral James Stockdale, who survived captivity as a prisoner of War in Hanoi during the Vietnam War by embracing Stoicism and the teachings of Epictetus. Sid was an educator for 40 years, having taught history and hiring, evaluating, and mentoring teaching in independent schools across America. He currently serves on the board of trustees at his alma mater, South Kent School, in Connecticut. 

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