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Shane Parrish on Finding Clarity and Making Better Decisions (Pt 1)



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On this episode of the Daily Stoic Podcast, Ryan talks with entrepreneur and wisdom seeker behind Farnam Street Shane Parrish on Why people who are popular on social don’t succeed when they write books, The mark of wisdom is looking downstream and seeing how a decision affects your life, Delaying gratification isnt easy but is important to learn and his book Clear Thinking: Turning Ordinary Moments into Extraordinary Results a must-have manual for optimizing decision-making, gaining competitive advantage, and living a more intentional life.

Shane is the entrepreneur and wisdom seeker behind Farnam Street and the host of The Knowledge Podcast, where he focuses on turning timeless insights into actions. Shane’s popular online course, Decisions by Design, has helped thousands of executives, leaders, and managers around the world learn the repeatable behaviors that improve results. His expertise is rooted in personal experience–he started working at an intelligence agency in 2001. Clar and critical thinking became a matter of life or death for him. He had to quicly learn how to methodize good judgment and make better decisions under pressure. He’s since dedicated his life to mastering these lessons and sharing them with others. Shane’s work has been featured in nearly every major publication, including the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes. 

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