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Ryan And Guy Raz On Controlling Only What You Can



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When a recent Q&A session between Ryan and Robert Greene fell apart just hours before the conference due to emergency health concerns, the moment presented Ryan with an opportunity to lean into the Stoic practice of controlling only what one can. Thinking quickly and without panic, Ryan called his friend, NPR host and journalist Guy Raz, who was planning to sit front-row at the event, and asked if he wanted to fill in. Guy’s enthusiastic acceptance and willingness to jump into such an unusual situation led to the Q&A session and surrounding discussion that we present to you today. He and Ryan answer questions from the audience about what Marcus Aurelius would make of today’s notion of kindness, why Ryan favors formlessness, the daily habits that one can change in order to become a better Stoic, and more.

Ryan’s conversation with Robert Greene has been rescheduled, and you can go to for dates and tickets.

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