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Nate Boyer On Striving For Excellence In Everything



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Ryan speaks with Nate Boyer in the first of a two-part interview about what serving six years and multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Green Beret taught him about life, how he was able to become an NFL starter at a position he had never played before, how he is striving to be great in his television career, and more.

Nate Boyer is a United States Army Green Beret, former football player, actor, director, producer, and television host. Despite never having played a down of organized football in his life, Nate played college football as a walk-on at the University of Texas, and he was later signed by the Seattle Seahawks as an undrafted free agent in 2015. In 2004, Nate became a relief worker shortly before enlisting in the Army and being accepted into the Green Berets. He earned an honorable discharge after six years of service, after which he pursued a career in film and television. Since then, he has appeared in an ESPN documentary about his life, the film Den of Thieves, the show Mayans M.C., the video game Madden NFL 18, and many other notable media properties. Nate currently hosts the Discovery channel reality competition series Survive the Raft. In 2022, Nate wrote, directed, and starred in the acclaimed film MVP. You can follow Nate on Instagram @NateBoyer37, and you can check out his charity Merging Vets and Players at vetsandplayers.org.

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