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Garland Robinette On The Stoic Principle That Shapes His Incredible Life



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Ryan speaks with Garland Robinette about the brain-altering effects of chasing dopamine, how he has coped with his morally injurious experience serving in Vietnam, his movie-like life and career path, why working in broadcast forced him to let go of his ego, the deep sense of peace and purpose that painting gives him, and more.

Garland Robinette is an artist and former journalist, television news anchor, radio host, entrepreneur, and janitor. Born in deep Louisiana bayou country, Garland dropped out of college  and joined the Navy to serve in Vietnam. Just thirty days after returning home from an intense deployment, he found work as a janitor at the New Orleans TV station WWL-TV Channel 4, and four months later, with no experience, he was hired as the news anchor and investigative reporter. After a twenty-year stint which saw him marry his co-host, Garland left news to form his own company, which, after a highly successful run, he then quit to spend more time with his daughter. Finally, he spent ten years hosting a radio program that brought him national acclaim for his coverage on Hurricane Katrina. Now in his seventies, Garland spends his time indulging in his passion and twilight career: painting. You can follow Garland’s work on Instagram @thegarlandrobinette.

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