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Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan and Anne Applebaum Ask How Does a Stoic Resist Tyranny?



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On today’s Daily Stoic Podcast, Ryan talks with Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist Anne Applebaum (Gulag: A History, Red Famine: Stalin’s War on Ukraine, Twilight of Democracy) about recent global political developments: the rise of authoritarianism in Western nations, the struggle against this movement, and how to fight for and defend democracy.

Anne Applebaum is an expert on 20th- and 21st-century authoritarian governments. She has written books describing the authoritarian actions of the Soviet Union (Gulag: A History, Red Famine) and has written recently about modern-day authoritarianism in Eastern Europe and the West, both as a journalist at publications like The Atlantic (in articles like “History Will Judge the Complicit”) and the Washington Post and in her newest book, Twilight of Democracy. Applebaum currently lives in Poland.

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