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Andrew Wehrman On Why It Is Crucial To Study Pandemics Of The Past



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Ryan speaks with Andrew Wehrman about his new book The Contagion of Liberty: The Politics of Smallpox in the American Revolution, how and why responses to health emergencies in the past are strangely similar to those of today, how major historical events always coincide with medical events of the day, the wisdom that studying history can impart on us, and more.

Andrew Wehrman is a historian, author, and an associate professor of history at Central Michigan University whose work focuses on popular politics of medicine in early America. His writing has appeared in The New England Quarterly, The Boston Globe, and The Washington Post. He has been awarded the Muir Whitehill Prize in Early American History, and his most recent book The Contagion of Liberty, is currently a finalist for the LA Time Book Prize for History. Andrew’s work can be found on his website

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