Do This To Sleep Better Tonight

“Is there anything finer than this practice of examining one’s entire day?” Seneca asked. “Think of the sleep that follows this self-inspection,” he said, “how peaceful, deep, and free, when the mind has been either praised or admonished, when the sentinel and secret censor of the self has conducted its inquiry into one’s character.” Creating a practice … Continued

No Fumes, No Ennui, No More Complaints

Is there a better definition of Stoicism than this? Is there a better verse to define what we ought to aspire to be today? It comes to us from Walt Whitman, who cherished the Stoics and funneled their wisdom into his energetic form of Americanism and transcendental poetry. “O while I live to be the … Continued

You Will Meet Rude People Everywhere

Your first encounter with rudeness this morning might be the neighbor who was mowing their lawn at 7am.It might be the person who went out of turn at the stoplight. It might be the person who, not content even with the extra room of their first class seat, needs to impede on your personal space and … Continued

Premeditatio Malorum

Premeditatio malorum (“the pre-meditation of evils”) is a Stoic exercise of imagining things that could go wrong or be taken away from us. It helps us prepare for life’s inevitable setbacks. We don’t always get what is rightfully ours, even if we’ve earned it. Not everything is as clean and straightforward as we think they may … Continued

What Did The Stoics Think About Fame?

There’s an old joke: The best way to punish someone is to give them exactly what they wish for. Nowhere is this more true than fame. How many actors and musicians dreamed their whole life of hitting it big, only to find themselves unhappy when it happens for them? How many business people crave recognition … Continued

Stoicism 2.0: An Interview With Author Robert Woolston

We recently had the opportunity to discuss Stoicism, Cynicism and much more with Robert Woolston who is an author and researcher on topics related to philosophy and history. He has a Masters of Library & Information Science (MLIS) from the University of South Carolina and is currently enrolled in a Philosophy program at the University … Continued