Interview With The “Practical Stoic” Podcast Host Simon Drew

When Simon Drew couldn’t find a Stoicism podcast to help him apply Stoic practices and principles into his everyday life, he decided to start his own. Following Seneca’s precept that “men learn as they teach,” Simon has been going strong for over 50 episodes so far. He is a a musician, podcast host, blogger​, coach, … Continued

A Hardship, But No Matter

Frederick Douglass is one of the greatest Americans who ever lived. Born into slavery, he faced his enslavers and dared them to keep whipping him. He taught himself to read and then he escaped to freedom. His memoir was a massive bestseller and his political influence was such that he became the most photographed man in America, … Continued

This Too Shall Pass

Yesterday, we wrote about Thomas Edison’s grittiness, but yesterday was also the birthday of another incredible man from that era, a man who possessed nearly unlimited amounts of strength and fortitude. And the events of his life would require them. That man’s name was Abraham Lincoln. “This too shall pass” was Lincoln’s favorite saying, one he … Continued

How Stoicism Saved My Life: My Story Of Battling Addiction

This is a guest post by Seth Blais, an advocate, writer, and person in recovery from addiction. You can contact him through his website or follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  *** I found myself withdrawing from heroin, unemployed, divorced, and laying restlessly in a twin-size bed in the small room I shared with a stranger. … Continued