A Stoic Response to Complaining

“Don’t be overheard complaining…Not even to yourself.”   — Marcus Aurelius, 8.9 Complaining is easy. It’s as natural to us as breathing. Complaining is describing something—an event, an experience, a person—negatively without any indication of next steps or plans to fix the problem. It requires little thinking and zero action. Whether it be damning God, the …

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15 Stoic Quotes On Friendship

Some people imagine that Stoicism involves for an unfeeling approach to other people. To counter this misconception, consider this from Seneca: This is the first promise that philosophy holds out to us: fellow-feeling, humanity, sociability. — Seneca, Epistles 5.4 Friendship has been a constant topic for philosophers. Cicero has a wonderful essay On Friendship (recently …

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A Stoic Response To Desire

“The faculty of desire purports to aim at securing what you want…If you fail in your desire, you are unfortunate, if you experience what you would rather avoid you are unhappy…For desire, suspend it completely for now. Because if you desire something outside your control, you are bound to be disappointed; and even things we …

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