How To Meditate

In 2004, Good Morning America’s Dan Harris experienced the last thing a TV anchor would ever want—a panic attack on live television in front of more than 5 million viewers. What many might consider a career-ending event, actually set Dan on a path which led him to meditation and in turn to writing his mega-bestseller 10% Happier: … Continued

It’s All A Choice

Cato, the famous Roman Senator and Stoic, was once spat on by a rival politician. He was a physically tough man, a soldier, who could have, let’s say, taken matters into his own hands. Instead, he is reported to have laughed and said, “I will swear to anyone, Lentulus, that people are wrong to say that … Continued

How Much Longer Are You Going To Wait?

Today’s the day you’re supposed to start your New Year’s resolution, right? Here’s something to consider: You didn’t just come up with this resolution this morning. You’ve known it for a while. You’ve been putting it off. You said, January 1st, that’s when I’ll finally do it. Ok. Better late than never, but the ultimate … Continued

The Most Important Things To Think About

2018 is underway and many of you are joining us on this journey of reading and journaling about Stoicism every day (via The Daily Stoic and The Daily Stoic Journal). Every morning and every night, we are sitting down and doing our writing and thinking. But about what? Obviously there are the daily prompts, but there are also … Continued

Avoid These Debts

One of the more interesting (and modern) themes running through the works of the Stoics has to do with debt. Seneca particularly is always talking about wealthy Romans who have spent themselves into debt and the misery and dependence this creates for them. In fact, he has a whole series of essays titled On Benefits, that largely deal with … Continued

What Are You A Slave To?

Are you free? You might tell yourself you are. You might live in a country in which you can vote. You might be able to get up and choose how your days run. But what are you hooked on? What are you a slave to? Coffee? Adrenaline? Work? Money? Do you wake up every day … Continued

The Airing of Grievances

On December 23rd, many Americans celebrated the made up holiday of Festivus, from the show Seinfeld. The most important ritual in the celebration of Festivus is the “Airing of Grievances,” where each person goes around the room and lets their family and friends know the various ways they’ve let them down in the last year. As … Continued

A Star Was Born

Roughly 2,000 years ago, a child was born in a province of the Roman empire. He would go on to be one of the great philosophers who ever lived—teaching people about the importance of kindness, mercy, forgiveness, on doing one’s duty, on the corruptive influence of wealth and the redemptive power of poverty and adversity. … Continued

It’s All In Your Head

What are you worried about right now? Your job? Your family? Your future? Your health? You’re not crazy to worry. Bad things could happen related to any of them. A car accident. An economic downturn. A surprise diagnosis. But let’s go backwards in time a month, a year, five years. What were you worried about … Continued