Make Good On Your Promise

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day here in America and it happens to fall, this year, on the actual birthday of that great man. It’s worth taking a minute today to consider one particularly brilliant and inspiring part from his approach to civil rights. What Martin Luther King didn’t do in the 1950s and … Continued

We Will All Be Snapped Off

There’s a haunting series of the last known photos of celebrities. You can see Prince getting in an SUV hours before he overdosed on fentanyl in an elevator. You can see Michael Jackson rehearsing for a tour he would never go on. You can see John Lennon signing an autograph for the fan that murdered him. You can see … Continued

The Last Time You Were Sick

Think about the last time you were sick. Maybe it was food poisoning. Or the flu. Or a nasty bug that just knocked you on your ass. As you laid there, soaked in your own sweat, or as you made your way back to the bathroom to empty the contents of your stomach once again, … Continued

What The Stoics Thought About Love

Of course the image of the Stoics is of a passionless, emotionless life. The reality was far different. Both Marcus Aurelius and Seneca write lovingly of their wives. Seneca, who lost his only child, captures the joy of parenting so beautifully in his writing that it’s clear how much he cared for his family. Cato, … Continued

Stoicism and Cynicism: Lessons, Similarities and Differences

The relationship between Stoicism and Cynicism, two of the older schools of philosophy, is a complicated one that has evolved over hundreds of years. In fact, Stoicism descends directly from Cynicism and both of which descend from Socrates. As Juvenal would say in his Satires, the Stoics “differ from the Cynics only by a tunic.” … Continued

The Stoic: 3 Principles to Help You Keep Calm in Chaos

This is a guest post by Paul Jun. He is the Content Manager for CreativeMornings and the former Community Manager for Seth Godin’s altMBA program. He is also a contributor to Adobe’s 99u. Follow him on Twitter and visit his website here. *** Observing individuals who lead a creative life, we can identify elements of expertise, … Continued

The Most Important Things To Think About

2018 is underway and many of you are joining us on this journey of reading and journaling about Stoicism every day (via The Daily Stoic and The Daily Stoic Journal). Every morning and every night, we are sitting down and doing our writing and thinking. But about what? Obviously there are the daily prompts, but there are also … Continued

Seneca on Overcoming Grief, Facing Death, and The True Nature of Life

This is a guest post by Mustapha Itani, who writes at Situation Nine, a website bringing you interesting pieces focusing on philosophy, politics, economics, and social issues. Follow him on Twitter, and you are welcome to support him on Patreon.  *** The Consolatio is a broad literary genre encompassing various forms of consolatory speeches, essays, poems, and personal letters … Continued