The Wealthy Stoic: A Daily Stoic Guide To Being Rich, Free, and Happy

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“These individuals have riches just as we say that we ‘have a fever,’ when really the fever has us.”
— Seneca
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How is your relationship with money?

We all know those people who have lots of money, and yet, they are miserable. On the flip side, we all know people who live happy and fulfilled lives despite not having lots of money.

Money, the Stoics said, is not an indicator of wealth.

The slave turned teacher Epictetus liked to tell his students of a man who had been offered a lucrative job by the emperor Augustus. “I told him not to touch it,” Epictetus told his students. 

But, the man told Epictetus, I will make a lot of money. 

Yes, Epictetus said, “for little in return.” 

But, the man said, a lot of people will learn my name. “Ok,” Epictetus said, “are you planning to be there every time someone utters your name?” But, the man said, my name will outlive me.

 “So will a rock you carve your name into,” Epictetus said. But, the man said, I will get to wear a gold crown. 

“And they will put a crown made of roses on you for your funeral,” Epictetus said. “You will look even more elegant in that.”

The man saw the sum of money, but he didn’t see that a sum of money is a poor indication of value.

As Epictetus liked to ask his students,“What decides whether a sum of money is good? The money is not going to tell you.” 

It’s not going to tell you about all you have to give up in exchange for that money. It’s not going to tell you that you might be happier in a job that offers less money. It’s not going to tell you about all the losses that come with the gain.  

We will. 

In The Wealthy Stoic: A Daily Stoic Guide To Being Rich, Free, and Happy, we will teach about the costs that come with the accumulation of money. We will teach you how to distinguish between opportunities you should touch and opportunities you shouldn’t. We will teach you about all the things that indicate whether a particular sum of money in a given circumstance is a net good. 

Rooted in the experiences and writings of the Stoics, we will teach you how to be a wealthy Stoic.

The Wealthy Stoic is a framework for overhauling how you think about what it means to live what the Stoics called the good life.

Over the course of 9 weeks—at a pace of 4-5 emails a week (~25,000 words of exclusive content)—you will will learn:

- How a slave became the richest Stoic
- How the richest man in Rome became the poorest Stoic
- The ambitions and motivations that fueled the wealthy Stoics
- How a wealthy Stoic spends and saves money
- What a wealthy Stoic prizes above money
- How a wealthy Stoic climbs out of great setbacks

And much more.

You’ll learn from some of the smartest, wealthiest men and women in history:

- It’s Epictetus, born a slave (his name in Greek is literally “acquired one”) and yet finding freedom before transcending his circumstances and becoming the head of one of the preeminent philosophical schools in ancient Greece.

- It’s Marcus Aurelius, born with ordinary bloodlines but (with the help of his serious study of philosophy) becoming the richest and most powerful man in the Roman Empire.

- It’s Cicero, a self-made man who went on from humble beginnings to amass a massive fortune as he climbed the legal profession to Consul of the Roman Republic.

More recently…

- It’s Arianna Huffington, born Ariadnē-Anna Stassinopoulos in Athens, Greece (the cradle of Stoic philosophy) where she discovered the practical applications of philosophy, which she implemented on her way to becoming one of the top entrepreneurs of our times.

- It’s Tim Ferriss, a modern-day polymath who, through his relentless pursuit of knowledge and exploration of Stoic principles and ideas, has achieved remarkable success as an author, podcaster, investor and entrepreneur.

Indeed, if you study any successful man or woman, you will inevitably find that they followed—sometimes unknowingly—many of the principles, habits, and mindsets at the core of Stoic philosophy.

Through their example and with the help of some of today’s leading finance and happiness experts, as a participant in The Wealthy Stoic: A Daily Stoic Guide To Being Rich, Free, and Happy, you’ll be put on the timeless path to greater happiness and prosperity.

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This is not a get-rich-quick kind of a thing.

This is not a ​​hustle culture-esque course. 

It’s the exact opposite. It’s about what Stoicism’s foundational concepts and daily practices were designed to teach us: how to be truly rich, how to get out from under the thumb of money, how to be happy with enough, how to thrive, succeed, and live a good, happy life. 

If that is the kind of life you want, the Stoics can show you the way. 

“And if you can’t stop prizing a lot of other things? Then you’ll never be free—free, independent, imperturbable. Because you’ll always be envious and jealous, afraid that people might come and take it all away from you.” — Marcus Aurelius

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Cal Newport

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