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This Is The Day

Daily Stoic Emails

This is what we tell ourselves: Someday I will write my book. Someday I will travel abroad. Someday I will learn how to play guitar.

But someday soon, you will no longer be able to say, “someday…”

So we must adopt the mindset of the great Steven Pressfield. In his latest book, Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants To Be, Pressfield writes,

“Here’s my frame of mind as I sit down to work: This is the day. There is no other day. This is the day…There is no other time. Today is the Superbowl. Today is the day I give birth. Today is the day I die.”

Not tomorrow, Marcus Aurelius said, choose to be good today. Do your job as a human being, as a writer, as a parent, as a politician, today. You can’t waste this chance. You can’t put it off until later. You can’t wait until you’re more secure.

No. Now is now. You’ll never have this moment again. Memento Mori. The circumstances are never going to be perfect. You do not have plenty of time. Now is now! Today is the day!