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Storytelling In A Competitive Content World | Max Joseph (Pt. 1)



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You may know Max Joseph from MTV’s show Catfish, which he co-hosted for 7 seasons, or from his movie We Are Your Friends which starred Zac Efron. Max’s latest project is a docuseries called HAPPINESS, in which Max is trying to crack the code on the philosophy, science, and secrets behind true happiness. In this Part 1 conversation, Ryan and Max talk about the challenges of documentary filmmaking, relearning to love reading, when to quit a book, how to make the most of literary classics and more. 

Some of Max’s other documentaries are BOOKSTORES: How to Read More Books in the Golden Age of Content and DICKS: Do you need to be one to be a successful leader? which features Robert Greene. 

You can connect with Max on YouTube and IG: @maxjoseph

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