“Give yourself time to learn something new and good, and cease to be whirled around.” 

—Marcus Aurelius, Meditations  

“When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes.” 


Harry Truman once said that "not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers." 

It’s true.  

To be a leader you have to have a ceaseless appetite for learning, for self-improvement, for wisdom. The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius prized the ability to “read attentively,” and used this skill to reign masterfully over his domain. The great writer Seneca used his knowledge of Greek and Roman literature to become a sought after political advisor, and of course to shape his brilliant letters and plays, which survive to this day.  

Reading is the shortest, most established path to total self-improvement. We know intuitively that this is true—it’s why we all know we should read more. Why we can just feel that there’s so much more we could be getting from the reading we’re already doing. The question is: what active steps are we taking toward our better selves, to improve every aspect of our lives, to ensure success?

We’ve created an awesome new challenge, Read to Lead: A Daily Stoic Reading Challenge, as a way of giving you an answer to that question.  

In this 13-day reading challenge we will outline actionable ways for you to find great books to mine for wisdom and to use to build the beginnings of a great library with. You’ll learn to dissect a book like a pro, to remember more of what you read, to apply it to your life, and much more.  

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It's Time To Take Your Reading To The Next Level...

What were you doing five years ago? Better yet, what weren't you doing five years ago? "Reading enough" is probably way up there, right?  

What if you had started reading more then? Where do you think you might be with your career? With your relationships? What doors do you think might have been opened by the wisdom and insight you would have applied to your life during those years?  

Maybe you would have finally written that book. Maybe you’d be in the job of your dreams. Maybe you’d just have a better handle on your life.  

Now, imagine five years into the future. What might your life look like if you adopted a reading habit, starting today, that was specifically designed to help you get the most out of life?  

Sign up today and find out. Today is the day to change your life.  

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Reading to lead is not something that is taught in schools.  

In English and history classes across the country, we’re taught to memorize factoids—names, dates, places. We’re told Who, What, When, and Where are more important than How and Why. Our approach to reading and to books and to education has been Jeopardy-ized.  

When you read to lead, you discard this mindset. Instead of using books to learn trivia, you use them as tools that teach real, timeless lessons about life, art, business, relationships, humanity. The things the author wanted you to know, not that your teacher needed you to remember.  

These tactics don’t come naturally, of course. How could they when we’ve been conditioned and educated toward measurables, like multiple-choice tests, instead of mastery?  

This is where the Read to Lead challenge comes in.  

“No man can get anywhere in this world in any really and endurable manner without some recourse to books.” 

—H.L. Mencken  

Over the next two weeks we will show you exactly how to: 

  • Find the right books to read depending on your goals. ✓ Create a personal library that will keep you on track ✓ Remember more of what you read to reach your true potential ✓ Expand your reading to new and less common titles ✓ Get better book recommendations from people you admire ✓ Create a "commonplace book" to reference back to in the future ✓ Make more time for reading by replacing dead time with reading ✓ Read a book like a critic Much more...  


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Warren Buffett has said that reading is the most valuable investment he’s ever made. When Buffett was 19, he read The Intelligent Investor and that cemented his decision to dedicate his life to investing. One book, read at the right time, returned literally billions of dollars in his lifetime. It’s easy to see why the world’s 4th richest person considers a book that he may have bought for less than a dollar his best investment.  

Invest in your future today.  

Invest In Your Future Today:

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“Read to Lead is a game-changer for people like me… You gave me a clear path to forming habits that will set me up for a lifetime of learning.” - Derek Kinzer  

“I would recommend it to anyone looking to get more out of reading books.” - James Ruiz  

“The Read to Lead Challenge is great for anyone who likes to Read and wants to learn to focus their reading habits more productively.” - Laurel Jones  

The whole experience was brilliant, some of the challenges were easy for me, others were very hard and pushed me.” - Paul Williamson