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Randall Stutman on Becoming a Life-Long Student of Leadership



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This is an excerpt from week 1 of the Daily Stoic Leadership Challenge, a 9-week course that was built to mirror the kind of education that produced historically great leaders like Marcus Aurelius. It is now a recorded course, which means all participants will join the course and move through it at their own pace. Sign up at

Ryan reads today’s daily meditation and talks to Dr. Randall Stutman about the difference between feedback and advice, the important distinction in being subtle and being manipulative, how great leaders see themselves as stewards, not owners, and more.

Dr. Stutman is a leadership scientist dedicated to exploring the uncommon behaviors and routines common among extraordinary leaders. Randall has served as a Principal Advisor to more than 2,000 Senior Executives, including 400 CEOs. His work as an advisor and speaker has taken him to the White House, West Point, the Olympics, and the Harvard Business School. He has worked for close to three decades with Fortune 500 companies, hedge funds, law firms, private equity funds, investment banks, and insurance companies, which include Citi, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan.

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