as part  of collection,  Roman Art from the Louvre, currently on display at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.     BY JIM BECKEL, THE OKLAHOMAN ORG XMIT: KOD

What Is Stoicism? A Definition & 9 Stoic Exercises To Get You Started

For those of us who live our lives in the real world, there is one branch of philosophy created just for us: Stoicism. A brief synopsis and definition on this particular school of Hellenistic philosophy: Stoicism was founded in Athens by Zeno of Citium in the early 3rd century BC,...

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Your Best Day Yet: Three Stoic Reminders To Start Your Morning With

If you’ve already signed up for our email series you know the importance of a morning ritual. Whether it is journaling or meditating or asking yourself difficult questions, having a morning ritual prepares you for the day. It allows you to begin and face what’s in front of you with...

Philosophy for Life: An Interview With Jules Evans

How did your to philosophy journey begin? What sparked your interest in Stoicism and philosophy as a way of life--or as you put it for life? If we understand correctly, you discovered it after struggling with some issues on your own in your adolescence? I think I read Marcus Aurelius...