A Star Was Born

Roughly 2,000 years ago, a child was born in a province of the Roman empire. He would go on to be one of the great philosophers who ever lived—teaching people about the importance of kindness, mercy, forgiveness, on doing one’s duty, on the corruptive influence of wealth and the redemptive power of poverty and adversity. … Continued

They Are Just What We Would Be

Abraham Lincoln believed that slavery was a great evil—one of his most haunting memories was seeing a chain of black men being dragged off to be sold somewhere, like fish on a trotline. Yet when he was asked about the slave owners in the South, he refused to condemn them as people the way that … Continued

Here’s How To Have Your Best Week Ever: 7 Practices From The Stoics

For more than 2,000 years, wise men and women have relied on an ancient philosophy known as Stoicism to guide them through their days. It’s been a tool for the ordinary and the elite alike — from slaves to emperors — as they sought wisdom, strength, and the “good life.” Today, Stoicism is popular with football coaches the Seattle … Continued

16 Gift Ideas For The Stoics In Your Life

Stoicism is supposed to be a living, breathing thing. Not just words you look at on a page once, but something you carry with you—something you use to live. So that, as Seneca put it, the “words become works.” And he also urged us to take the words he and the other Stoics had written … Continued

8 Stoic Secrets to Help You Build Mental Toughness

This is a guest post by Alex J. Hughes who is a writer and software product manager based in Nashville, TN. Join his reading list for 5+ monthly book recommendations–with notes so you can start to dig in–and his latest articles.  What distinguishes the greats is the will to keep going when others start dropping off and to … Continued

Do the Dangerous Thing

It was today in 1520 that the explorer Ferdinand Magellan crossed from the Atlantic Ocean into the Pacific Ocean, the first European explorer to ever do so, and inching his way closer to a complete circumnavigation of the globe. One cannot study Magellan and not be impressed by his feats of Stoic discipline and self-control. … Continued