Stop Chattering About Other People

There is no more seductive time-suck than talking about other people and their choices. Why did she do that? Can you believe he lets his kids talk to him that way? I heard they cheat on their taxes. If I was in his shoes, you know what I’d do? Why don’t any of these politicians have … Continued

Stoicism in the Military: An Interview with Professor Nancy Sherman

Many of history’s great military leaders have naturally gravitated towards Stoic philosophy and its ready prescriptions for resilience, courage and duty. Frederick the Great rode with the Stoics in his saddlebags, George Washington put on a play about Cato at Valley Forge, and more recently General Mattis carried Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations with him on deployments. … Continued

How Stoicism Helped a Genius

There’s value in learning not just from Stoic philosophers, but from “natural Stoics”—people who have lived with the kind of wisdom we want to cultivate in ourselves, even if they never called themselves Stoics. That kind of model doesn’t have to be a Cato, a Seneca, a Marcus Aurelius, or some distant historical figure. We … Continued

Doesn’t Matter What They Think, Only What You Do

How much of your time is spent thinking about what that rude person said to you? Or whether so-and-so will like you. Or if your coworker will follow through on their part of the assignment? And not just time. How much anguish, angst, and anxiety has it caused you? How much sleep have you lost … Continued

Stoicism and Martial Arts: More Common Than You Think

This is a post by Jason Maine, a founder of, where he helps his readers with martial arts training. Jason’s personal experience and interest in every aspect of training brought him into a conclusion that there are close links between Stoicism and martial arts. *** Martial arts are built with their own set of … Continued