Sportscaster Adam Lefkoe on Finding Oneself With Stoicism

Along with Michele Tafoya, the sideline reporter for NBC’s Sunday Night Football, and Michael Lombardi, the powerful and influential NFL executive, we are excited to interview another figure in the NFL world who has popularized Stoicism. His name is Adam Lefkoe, and he is the co-host of the Simms And Lefkoe podcast, which offers a … Continued

What To Do When You Get Hurt

Last week we wrote about the nearly unbelievable, decade-long conspiracy the billionaire Peter Thiel aimed at Gawker, a website he believed was a scourge of culture. With Stoic-like patience, and a conspicuous lack of anger, he waited patiently for an opportunity to solve a problem others had despaired of solving, and motivated by his own internal code of … Continued

The Eternal Stoic Question: Is It Up To You?   

This is a guest post by The Eudaimoniac, and it is a long meditation on the nature of control. The nature of control is one of the most important notions in Stoicism and is the reason why it is the first meditation in The Daily Stoic book. You can read that meditation here and then … Continued

Doing Everything The Right Way

The stats get thrown around all the time. You’ll spend more than a year of your life sitting in traffic. Over 50,000 minutes brushing your teeth. 43 days waiting on hold. Over 10 years at work. It’s supposed to make you sad, despair how much life we waste. Yet there is no reason this has … Continued

The True Power Behind Stoic “Indifference”

Of all the loaded words in Stoic philosophy, “indifferent” is one of the most provocative. Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, and Epictetus each tell us that the Stoic is indifferent to external things, indifferent to wealth, indifferent to pain, indifferent to winning, indifferent to hope and dreams and everything else. You hear it enough times and it starts to sound like these people … Continued

Interview With The “Practical Stoic” Podcast Host Simon Drew

When Simon Drew couldn’t find a Stoicism podcast to help him apply Stoic practices and principles into his everyday life, he decided to start his own. Following Seneca’s precept that “men learn as they teach,” Simon has been going strong for over 50 episodes so far. He is a a musician, podcast host, blogger​, coach, … Continued

A Hardship, But No Matter

Frederick Douglass is one of the greatest Americans who ever lived. Born into slavery, he faced his enslavers and dared them to keep whipping him. He taught himself to read and then he escaped to freedom. His memoir was a massive bestseller and his political influence was such that he became the most photographed man in America, … Continued