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mark manson ds

Everything Is F*cked: An Interview About Hope With Mark Manson

We first interviewed Mark Manson back in 2016 about his counterintuitive, yet philosophical, book The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck. That book went on to sell millions of copies worldwide, becoming a #1 bestseller in 13 different countries. Now, Mark is back to discuss his new book Everything...

Stoicism And Coping With Brain Cancer: An Interview With Jonathan Church

Jonathan Church is an economist and writer. He works as an economist at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. He has degrees in economics from the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University, and became a CFA charter holder in 2014. He also earned a B.A. in philosophy from the University...

Temporary Madness: Marcus Aurelius and Stoic Anger Management Techniques

This is a guest post by Donald Robertson. Donald is a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist, trainer, and writer. Robertson has been tirelessly researching Stoicism and applying it in his work for twenty years. He is also the author of the remarkable new book on Marcus Aurelius, How To Think Like a Roman Emperor ***...

Nothing Exempts You From Hard Work

It’s interesting, if you think about Greek and Roman mythology, that the Gods were so active and busy. Athena and Circe and Hermes all worked to help Odysseus. Apollo guided Achilles. Zeus and Jupiter were always getting involved in this squabble or that one. Sort of weird, right? They were...

Be Severe Only With Yourself

One of the things that separates us from other people—indeed that has been responsible for our success—is our ability to be strict and self-disciplined. Where other people are fine making excuses or taking shortcuts, we are not. Where other people wing it or do what’s easiest, taking the path of...

Be Kind While There Is Still Time

Most of us know where we want to end up in life. In addition to success and happiness, we want to be respected and admired. But not simply respected for what we’ve accomplished or how talented we are, but for what kind of person we have become. No one, after...

No Room For “Them”

“They” hold up very poorly in Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say that Marcus holds up very poorly when “they” come up. Who is “they?” They are the people the Romans referred to as barbarians—the people who lived outside the bounds of the empire. It’s when...

Do Better Where You Can

When we look at the lives of a great man like Marcus Aurelius or a great woman like the Catholic activist Dorothy Day, it’s easy to be intimidated. They seemed to always know what to do and seemed to always do it regardless of the stakes. It’s easy to be...
mick batyske

DJ Mick Batyske On Stoicism, Shifting His Mindset, And Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

When you think ancient philosophy, you might not also think DJs, loud music, and partying but the two are more connected than it may seem. At least, the two are connected when it comes to Mick Batyske. Mick Batyske never expected being a DJ would become his full-time career, let...

Don’t Let Your Virtues Become This Vice

So we’ve begun to get serious about our training, both physical and philosophical. Before, we never read, and now we do. Before, we were lazy and slothful, and now we’re regularly going to the gym. Before, we would eat everything we felt like eating—too much of it usually—and now we’ve...