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Nick Palmisciano on the Crisis in Afghanistan and Serving the Common Good



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On today’s podcast Ryan talks to Nick Palmisciano about his recent trip to Afghanistan to help rescue American interpreters, the philosophical implications of practicing Brazilian jujitsu, his journey after leaving the military and becoming an entrepreneur, and more.

Nick Palmisciano is the CEO of Diesel Jack Media, a full-service marketing agency. Nick is also the Vice President and one of four founding board members of Save Our Allies, an effort that rescued 12,000 refugees in the final 10 days of the Afghanistan Mission. He was one of the twelve men that physically went to Kabul to assist with the evacuation. He spent six years of his life serving as an infantry officer in the United States Army. In 2006, Nick created Ranger Up, the first military lifestyle brand, which kicked off a decade and change of veteran entrepreneurial endeavors focused around digital marketing and social media. 

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