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Meg Mason on Writing, Developing Taste, and Tolerance



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Ryan talks to author Meg Mason about her book Sorrow and Bliss, how to develop taste as a writer, the vitality of being tolerant and forgiving of others, and more.

Meg Mason began her career at the Financial Times and The Times of London. Her work has since appeared in The Sunday Times UK, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sunday Telegraph. She has written humor for Sunday STYLE magazine and The New Yorker’s Daily Shouts and been a regular columnist for GQ and contributor to ELLE, marie claire and Vogue.

Meg has written three books including the one we dive into today titled Sorrow and Bliss. When Meg first set out to write this book, she found herself stuck with 85,000 of a dreadful, untitled Christmas novel. After her own experiences with mental health, she ended presenting what is now Sorrow and Bliss to her publisher. The book is a reflection on situations that commonly exist beyond mental illness as well as within it, including the way that women are treated by the health system, and the way that families create intractable roles and scripts for one another.

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