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Letting Go Is The Next Thing

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You worked so hard for this. You put in your time. You saved up your money. You did the grunt work. You earned the possession, the control, the power. Now you’re being asked to give it up—to let it slip through your fingers. That’s hard. It’s not fair. Not at all. Yet you must…

“Letting go is a necessary, if sometimes heart-wrenching gateway to genuine transformation,” is how the always-zen Phil Jackson put it. The Stoics called it the “art of acquiescence”—the giving up and the assenting of whatever things are so that they can be what they are to become.

Again, this is very hard. If only it were otherwise. But it is not. We are tiny humans, we are bound to a universe and a fate that is much bigger than us. We must accept what it outside our control, give up and let go of whatever is no longer ours to possess.

We will be better for it. Even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.