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Los Angeles Rams GM Les Snead on Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing



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Ryan reads today’s daily meditation and talks to Los Angeles Rams GM Les Snead about the cultural pillars of the Rams organization, making tough decisions under intense pressure, ignoring the short term incentives and the noise that comes along with his profession, and more.

Les Snead is an American football executive who is the general manager of the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League. Snead played tight end for Auburn from 1992-93 and was part of the Tigers’ perfect 11-0 team in 1993. He also earned Southeast Region Academic All-American honors during his college career. He is in his 10th season as general manager of the Rams. Prior to joining the Rams, Snead spent 13 seasons with the Atlanta Falcons. Snead is married to Kara Henderson Snead, a sports media personality. 

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