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John Hendrickson on Embracing Disability with Stoicism



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Ryan speaks with John Hendrickson about his new book Life on Delay: Making Peace with a Stutter, how Stoicism and Ryan’s work influenced him to open up about his stuttering, how stuttering being diagnosed as a neurological disorder changed his perception of himself, how his daily struggles can be found in the lives of many other people who don’t have disabilities, and more.

John Hendrickson is an author and Senior Editor at The Atlantic where he writes stories on a wide array of political issues, including his popular piece on Joe Biden and his stutter. He previously wrote and edited for Rolling Stone, Esquire and the Denver Post. With his first book, Life on Delay, John strives to educate readers about the commonly misunderstood speech disorder known as stuttering or stammering, as well as his experiences as a lifelong stutterer. His work can be found on his website

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