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  • Day 1: Introduction to Stoicism — Our first email gives you a brief introduction to Stoicism. What does it stand for? Who were the famous practitioners?
  • Day 2: Resources on Stoicism — If you’re here it is probably because you also want to learn more and grow your understanding of this ancient philosophy. 
  • Day 3: The Stoic Art of Journaling — In Stoicism the art of journaling is more than some simple diary. This bonus will teach you the exact framework you need to put this exercise to work.
  • Day 4: Memento Mori: The Timeless Stoic Exercise — This powerful exercise from the Stoics is a reminder of one’s mortality. Used properly, memento mori is a tool to create priority and meaning.
  • Day 5: The 7 Steps Guide to Controlling Your Perceptions Like a Stoic — This guide will help you navigate adversity and failure by controlling your emotions and your perceptions of the situation. 
  • Day 6: Premeditatio Malorum: The Stoic Art of Negative Visualization —Premeditatio malorum (“the premeditation of evils”) is a Stoic exercise of imagining things that could go wrong or be taken away from us. It helps us prepare for life’s inevitable setbacks.
  • Day 7: Here’s How To Have Your Best Week Ever: 7 Practices From The Stoics — This excerpt from the Wall Street Journal bestseller The Daily Stoic includes some of the best Stoic passages and exercises with the idea of creating the perfect week — seven days of Stoic thinking to help you live better, more resiliently, and more peacefully.

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