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Don’t Wait, Do It Now.

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Every year, people engage in a peculiar habit. Late December rolls around and people start saying to themselves, “This is my year. This next year, I’m going to…” And then they list everything they are going to do: make more money; lose weight; be a better friend; be a better family member; do community service. Whatever high-minded aspiration they’ve had and held on to for so long, they declare it and make it into a New Year’s resolution.

Of course, this doesn’t last long. Habits slacken; discipline fades. And then they start the whole cycle again.

Well, here we are in early February. Are you really going to wait another 11 months to commit to changing your life again? Epictetus asked the same question: “How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?”

The answer should be obvious: Not a second longer. Don’t wait to better yourself. Don’t wait to demand more of yourself. There isn’t a magic day, or a magic book, or a magic habit. Big character changes are made up of thousands of little alterations—so don’t pretend that there will be an ideal time to change yourself.

Start now.