It’s incredible to think that the community is the largest assembled group of Stoics since Rome, perhaps in all of history.

We’ve become a global community of people who are using this ancient philosophy to become the very best version of ourselves—whether we’re entrepreneurs, parents, professional athletes, students, rockstars, insurance agents, politicians or police officers.

If you’re reading this, that means you’re one of us, and we welcome you to the journey.

In the past 2 years, we’ve published nearly 500 articles, conducted 60 interviews with Stoic musicians, writers, athletes, scholars, entrepreneurs, and delivered more than 400 carefully-crafted Stoic meditations as part of our daily email. Why? Because our mission has been to help you to better navigate life’s trials and tribulations. If even one line in one email has made your day—and your life—better, we consider that success

As we aggressively expand that mission, we’re excited to bring something more comprehensive to the large, loose community that has grown up around Daily Stoic over the last two years. We’re calling it Daily Stoic Life. For far less than the tuition to even one “Intro to Philosophy” class, as a member of Daily Stoic Life, you’ll receive daily practical advice tried and tested over centuries. The advice is designed to help you handle stress, adversity, anger, moral dilemmas, anxiety, fear, failure, and many other of the difficulties we encounter as men and women of the world.

Membership is also a way for us to connect deeper with you.

We have a core group of readers who are interested in taking their Stoicism studies deeper and surround themselves with like-minded individuals. Membership will help you connect with each other as well as with the Daily Stoic mentors.

Membership is only $119/year.

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“You guys are GREAT at what you do. Only newsletter I’m reading of hundreds on a consistent basis…… keep it up, congrats, and thanks for the digestible but RICH thoughts!”
– Samuel Nebel

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Over 100 additional Daily Stoic email meditations

For everyone else, the Daily Stoic email only goes only Monday through Friday, but DS Members will get our emails all week long, with 2 exclusive meditations emails each Saturday and Sunday (over 100 additional emails per year). Each original email will help you cultivate strength, insight and wisdom necessary for living the good life.

Limited Edition Hardcover Book: The Daily Stoic 2017 Meditations

Members will receive a hardcover copy of The Daily Stoic Meditations: 2017. The book features our very best email meditations from 2017 expanded and updated across 350 pages. This hardbound book is only available to members and not for sale to the general public. Each year members will receive this hardbound collectible.

Exclusive eBook: The Daily Stoic Interviews

An exclusive eBook featuring interviews with leading thinkers including Robert Greene, Nancy Sherman, Alain de Botton, Kevin Rose, and many more. The 120-page eBook will be delivered immediately upon sign-up, so you’ll have no delay in diving into these dialogues with wise men and women, statesmen, authors and philosophers.

Become a member now and further your progress.

As Epictetus would urge us, “When faced with anything painful or pleasurable, anything bringing glory or disrepute, realize that the crisis is now, that the Olympics have started, and waiting is no longer an option; that the chance for progress, to keep or lose, turns on the events of a single day.”

Membership is only $119/year.

Private Learning Community

After joining, you’ll become part of a community of Stoic thinkers in our dedicated member group. The group exists to take a deeper dive into Stoic themes, share reading suggestions, and other topics of interest. This is a great way to interact with other stoic learners in a curated forum.

Access to private members-only Facebook group.

Members will immediately be added to our new private, curated Facebook group. With dedicated and active page admins, this forum is setup to create high level conversations around the most important topics in Stoicism. The group will have direct access to the full staff of Daily Stoic, including active participation by Ryan Holiday, author of The Daily Stoic.

4 live Q&As with bestselling author Ryan Holiday (and guests)

Each quarter members will have access to a live Q&A with Ryan Holiday, author of The Daily Stoic, The Obstacle Is The Way, and more. This time will be dedicated to continuing the conversations started in the group and any other topics members have in mind. There may be surprise guests joining Ryan from time to time allowing members access to even more stoic leaders.

BONUS: 10% off your next purchase from the Daily Stoic Store

As a final bonus to members, when you sign up you’ll receive a 10% off discount code to use on the entire catalog of Daily Stoic products. Members will also get news on new products and offers prior to anyone else. This will often include limited run productions as we work with an ever expanding selection of new and interesting artists.

Daily Stoic Testimonials

“Thank you for the daily doses of sanity.”
– Michele Tafoya. NBC Sports.

“If you don’t follow Daily Stoic you should!!”
– Eliot Marshall. Mixed Martial Artist.

“Some of ya’ll stuck as fuck and need to read this.”
– Charlamagne Tha God. Host, “The Breakfast Club”

“Would like to say, your emails have changed my life. I look forward to each one, thanks and keep up the good work.”
– Conan Bujwid

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join using PayPal?

Yes! Please click here to join using PayPal. IMPORTANT: You must specify your email address on the second page during the transaction in the comment section when you make the payment.

Can I give a membership as a gift?

What will the money be used for?

The Daily Stoic’s team has grown to accommodate all the new interest in the website. Daily Stoic Life will help support the additional time and resources needed to support the new content.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course. Daily Stoic Life is for a year, paid upfront, so there is no recurring monthly billing in that sense. However, if you don’t like what we’re doing, you request a cancellation up to 14 days after signing up. We’ll send a full refund, no questions asked.

What if I want to contribute more?

We’re not NPR but running this community isn’t free. If you would like to contribute more, you can go here and make a one-time contribution.

What if I have membership related questions that aren’t answered here?

We have set up a dedicated email for Daily Stoic Life members. Email and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Membership is only $119/year.

We hope you’ll become a member below.

“Absolutely love these emails daily. Fantastic reminders of how to maintain a healthy and valuable perspective on life and all that it throws at us. I am an impassioned fan of your work and community and am better because of the work you are doing! Thanks for bringing these brilliant ideas to application in the modern world! Keep it up!”
– Ben Cook