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Comfort Will Make You Soft

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We had the honor to interview Kevin Rose, one of the most prominent Silicon Valley technologists. We wanted to learn more about his practice of taking cold showers as a way to build resilience and achieve mental clarity, something that we feel the Stoics would’ve recommended, if only as a test of self-discipline. Below is Kevin’s answer:

Almost everyone hates the cold. When I tell friends about the showers and ice baths the #1 reaction is “I could never do that, I can’t stand the cold.” My feeling is that technology (primarily the conditioning of air, both hot and cold) has made us soft. We’re kept in constant comfort. I try to incorporate practices in my life that mimic our ancestors’ environments and their daily challenges. This can be simple things like walking in the rain without a jacket or wearing my sandals in the December snow when I take the dog out in the mornings.

Read the rest of the interview with Kevin Rose.

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