Top 10 Daily Stoic Podcast Episodes of 2018

The Daily Stoic Podcast launched August 17, 2018. Each weekday since, we’ve published an audio companion to our popular daily emails. As 2018 came to a close, downloads for all episodes closed in on one million. All episodes can be found listed here.

The goal of the Daily Stoic Podcast is to provide ideas to make you stronger, more resilient and happier. Each episode is based on the two-thousand plus year old philosophy that has guided some of history’s greatest men and women.

Of the 90 podcasts we published in 2018, these are the top 10 (measured by total listens):

1) Get Yourself Under Control

2) Be Severe Only With Yourself

3) Don’t Borrow Suffering

4) How Soon We Are Forgotten

5) Let It Go, You’re Plenty Guilty Yourself

6) Is Anxiety Playing Tricks On You?

7) Time Doesn’t Make Everything Better…It Just Makes Them What They Are

8) We All Have The Same Nature

9) How To Be A Winner and a Loser

10) The Present Is Pleasurable Enough


Thank you for listening. It is because of people like you we are able to continue spreading stoicism through various mediums. We’re excited to continuing growing our podcast offering in 2019 and hope you’ll join us on the journey.

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