A Piece of Advice

Marcus Aurelius found this piece of advice from an opposing philosophical school important enough to jot it down to himself. It’s worth considering today and practical enough to incorporate into your life immediately:

“This advice from Epicurean writings: To think continually of one of the men of old who lived a virtuous life.”

For you perhaps that person is your grandfather (or grandmother). Maybe it’s one of the historical figures we have written about in these emails (Winston ChurchillAbraham LincolnJames Stockdale), or perhaps it’s one of the people we’ve interviewed on the site (Michele TafoyaTim FerrissAlain de Botton).

Whoever it is, keep them in your mind as a model. Keep them there as an inspiration and a kind of guardrail (What would ______ think about what I’m about to do?). Let them guide you, prod you, and comfort you.

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