Daily Stoic: Slay Your Stress Course

“We suffer more in imagination than in reality” - Seneca

Anxiety is the worry over things that might happen. It Is the constant dread of...something. Of what we’re never exactly sure. Something that is about to make everything else more difficult? Something that will put an end to everything good in our lives? It could be. Or maybe it’s something totally different, that we could never have expected. 

Have you had those fears? Have you felt the tightness in your chest? The lump in your throat? The quickening of your pulse? The shallowness of your breathing? The flop sweat?

You’re not alone. 

Stress and anxiety are emotions humans have been dealing with since the dawn of time. They’re emotions that can destroy lives. Zap the pleasure out of everyday life, reduce a top performer to the bottom of the class, and make everyday chores seem like Herculean efforts. 

Researchers estimate that 65 million people in the US alone suffer serious stress issues. 20% of the population is stressed or anxious! And almost everyone feels stress at different points in their lives. But just because you feel acute stress doesn’t mean you have to be chronically stressed.

Life does not have to go down that way...

...and no one understood that better than the Stoics.

Stress was one of the main emotions Stoicism was built to handle. The pages of Marcus Aurelius’s private journal are filled with notes to himself on how to ‘escape anxiety’. Epictetus says the ‘most important task in life’ was determining what we could control and what we couldn’t, in an effort to ease daily anxieties. Seneca’s letters are constant reminders to not suffer before it is necessary. And not just reminders, but practical, actionable steps to overcoming both.

As Nassim Taleb once said, “Stoicism is about the domestication of emotions, not their elimination.”

Stoics have been trying to domesticate feelings of anxiety and stress for two millennia. It is in this vein, with this purpose in mind, that we pulled together the best Stoic wisdom into an actionable new course -- Daily Stoic Slay Your Stress. A 13-day challenge designed to reclaim your life from the negative effects of stress and anxiety.

How much more enjoyable would your days be without the constant dread of stress looming over you? 

How much more productive would you be without spending hours each day indulging imagined troubles, game planning for eventualities out of your control? 

How much better would your relationships be?

We’ve designed this course to help you reclaim your life from stress and anxiety. Backed by thousands of years of research and practice, in this 13 day challenge we will lay out the most actionable ways to manage your stress and anxiety, so that to domesticate your feelings will be to virtually eliminate their negative effects.

Get control of your stress and anxiety TODAY

Create More Alive Time Starting Today...

With this course you’ll learn to:

  • Name and slay your stress—putting it in its rightful place
  • Seize what is in your control and ignore the rest—every day
  • Be easier on yourself to get more done
  • Make your to-do list more manageable
  • Stop sweating the small stuff
  • Get historic perspective 
  • Much much more...

How many hours per day do you lose to stress and anxiety? Multiple that by 365. Now multiply that by your lifetime. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. Invest the next 14 days and reclaim the rest of your life.

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“The challenge is the best investment I’ve made for myself so far this year.” - Eric Hokanson  

“The challenge was awesome. One of the things that really blew me away was just the interaction with the group. The overwhelming support was amazing” - Daniel Hebb  

"I loved the fact that the daily challenges engage not only your mind, but your body and spirit..." - Mark Clayton  

“I still have the challenge hanging on my fridge. It serves as a daily reminder of simple, relevant tasks that can be performed to keep this alive in my life.” - Shawn Sarazin  

“The 30 Day Stoic Challenge kicked off an avalanche of change in my life. This was a unique experience and has probably saved me a ton of money that would have gone to a shrink.” - Mary Madsen